Rewamping Apollo Munich Insurance Website.



Apollo Munich Insurance

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Senior UI UX

Rewamping Apollo Munich Insurance Website.


Can buying health insurance online be as easy as buying insurance offline

  • People don’t understand the policies clearly and want to ask ‘what if’ questions.
  • Apollo Munich website recorded low conversions in FY 2017
  • People prefer calling their sales agents’ personal number for claims.
  • The design is not focussed on key tasks and personas - purchase a health or travel insurance for an individual or family. It is designed to act as a brochure to let customers kind make sense and call.
  • Buy and Plans are separate, where they should be combined in a single purchase flow.
  • The content is very textual which does disservice to the mobile.
Rewamping Apollo Munich Insurance Website.
Rewamping Apollo Munich Insurance Website.

Old designs


  • Look at analytics data
  • Conduct on field research
  • Listen to sales call
  • Analysis competition
  • Understanding user needs by observing bahaviour


  • Primary problem to solve: Increase online purchase vs decrease support calls vs increase non-health plans?
  • Content strategy to leverage the AMHI brand through increasing engagement around health and insurance trends.
  • Key question is to how to engage existing customers consistently, rather than only at the time of renewal.
  • Differentiate clearly between new users vs returning users vs existing customers.
  • Personalisation and recommendations basis past user data.
  • Align on the product roadmap over next 12-24 months.
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